Offices Workspace to nourish creativity and productivity.

The Culver Studios is a place where creativity,
passion, and commitment to quality thrive. The 14 acre facility offers the intimate feel of a smaller lot without sacrificing convenience or efficiency. Situated in an enviable location on the west side of Los Angeles, the studio prides itself on making the production process as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Executive Offices

Culver Studios’ executive suites are designed to maximize productivity by offering a functional yet comfortable working environment where teams feel instantly at home. The space is equipped with all the mod–cons: high speed wireless internet, spacious conference rooms, fully–operational kitchens with tea, coffee and water. Concierge services are available upon request. The offices are minutes walk from the studio’s core amenities and parking facilities and are accessible around the clock via a gated entry, manned by 24–hour security.

  • Convenient and easily accessible west side location
  • Easy access to all studio amenities
  • Close parking
  • High speed internet and lot–wide wireless
  • Kitchen areas
  • Housekeeping
  • 24 hour access
  • 24 hour security and gated entry service

Production Offices

From private offices to full–floor working space, The Culver Studios can be tailor–made to meet any production team’s requirements. Dressing rooms and other support space are conveniently located adjacent to stages, art departments can take over open–plan work areas and parking is walking distance, eliminating any need for shuttle buses to ferry crew to and from the set. VIP parking services are also offered.

Ensuring fast and efficient communication is a priority at The Culver Studios. Lot–wide high–capacity bandwidth is provided, along with dedicated circuits, housing for servers and fiber connectivity. The facility connects directly to Colorworks for color grading, mastering, color correction and other related needs. There is also a direct link to sound editing, including automatic dialogue replacement (ADR) and Foley, to meet any additional post–production requirements.

The buildings are accessible 24–hours a day via a gated entry system, manned by around–the–clock security.

  • Private offices and full floor office space
  • Open work areas for art departments
  • Support spaces located adjacent to stages
  • Parking closeby
  • VIP and valet parking services
  • Lot–wide fiber connectivity
  • Ample bandwidth
  • Dedicated circuits
  • Housing for servers
  • Directly connected to vendors providing post production services
  • Easy access to all studio amenities
  • Kitchen areas
  • Housekeeping
  • 24 hour access
  • 24 hour security and gated entry service

“I got these small hands.
I got a little girl’s hands.”

— Jake LaMotta
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