The Culver Studios Celebrates Completion of Phase 1 of its Innovation Plan: the Historic Preservation of the Mansion and Bungalows

April 20, 2018

The Culver Studios’ Innovation Plan will put the lot on the vanguard of entertainment productions—and the old is part of the new. Phase 1 of the plan, just completed this April, was carefully undertaken to preserve and consolidate the lot’s historic structures. The mansion was retrofitted, with the original landscaping replicated, and four of the bungalows were restored & relocated to be just behind it.

“We not only wanted to preserve the studios’ 100-year old history, we wanted to showcase it,” said Michael Hackman, CEO of The Culver Studios. “Now all six bungalows are grouped together behind the Mansion, creating a prominent node that honors our legacy.”

The project included constructing new foundations for the bungalows, then carefully putting back the interiors. The work was monitored closely by Culver City officials, as well as a historic preservation consultant, and was done in accordance with U.S. Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation.

“The way the buildings were moved and restored has been absolutely top-flight. This is excellence in historic preservation,” said Culver City Mayor Thomas Small. With his architectural background, Small worked on the plans for two years, helping to integrate the architecture from the old stages

The Culver Studios is a landmark site and we’re its stewards said Michael Hackman. “As we move into the future of film and television, we want to continue celebrating our past.

Joining that celebration is Amazon Studios. The company has already moved into the historic Mansion and bungalows. The company and content-related affiliates will further expand into the development, occupying 280,000 square feet of the 720,000 square foot campus by 2020.

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